Can You Guess the size of the Solid Roller Cam in this Awesome 572 BBC Powered ’63 Nova?

Listen to the Powerful sound of a Big solid roller in the sweet 572 BBC powered ’63 Nova!

This very cool ’63 Chevy Nova build has a Heidts front suspension and Art Morrison components in the rear to handle the brute power and of course the big multi-piston disk brakes.


Hear it running!  Click below:           Can you guess the Solid Roller cam specs?


You won’t see a nicer, straighter, more beautiful 63 Chevy Nova than this one!


And what a super clean, functional interior:




Here is another 750HP Chevrolet 572 Cu In motor running on a test stand at Proformance Unlimited.

It sounds pretty mean! They keep their cam specs secret unless you want to purchase one. They are using big AFR heads and a Holley 1150CFM Dominator carb on top. The rotating assembly is made up of all forged parts and precisely balanced.

Listen to it run, Click below:

Proformance Unlimited is in Melborne, Florida

And How about a 727HP Crate motor directly from Chevrolet? – (Click Here)

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