The Ultimate Luxury Muscle Car Race…Who Is fastest?

Motor trend called it the World’s Greatest Drag Race…

Run a Corvette Z06 against a Porsche Caymen GT4, a Bentley GT3 R, Cadillac CTS-V and six other high-end cars and see who wins!

These cars are all on the 2015 Motor Trend Best Driver’s car list:

Corvette Z06 650HP
Cadillac CTS-V 640HP
Porche Cayman GT4 385HP
Lexus RC F 467HP
Cadillac ATS-V 464HP
VW Golf 292HP
Mercades AMG C63 S 503HP
Mazda Miata 155HP
Bentley GT3R 572HP
Mercades AMG GTS 503HP

Half of these luxury cars are over 500HP and can really go- The race starts around minute 3. Lets see who is fastest!

Watch the Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s car complete testing here. See who wins the Top Choice!

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